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When the founders of WRBLS realized the small variety of the Apple watch bands for the Apple Watch, they immediately knew that they had to do something about it. Their goal was to develop a fairly-priced and high quality Apple Watch Band that is characterized by its unique design. Thus, the tech-label WRBLS was founded in the summer of 2015 in Germany. Many weeks full of discussions, considerations and decisions followed. Firstly, the founders chose an extremely resistant material. Furthermore, they perfected the form of the apple watch bands many times in order to ensure a great wearing comfort.



Your passion we believe

One difficulty was to find a factory being able to run this new production process. That, too, could be achieved by the WRBLS team. Besides, many individual and unique designs were created. Ultimately, the project was published on Kickstarter and was able to win the encouragement of many who shared the vision of world’s most fashionable bands for the Apple Watch. 

Finally, the founding goal could be achieved and WRBLS was able to start the production in March 2016. After sending out the Apple Watch Band to those who had supported WRBLS via Kickstarter, another milestone was achieved: Now one can easily purchase the WRBLS bands in their online shop. By now, the young tech-label has become well established in the market and is already working on many other projects. Recently the team published that the designs of WRBLS will be available for the Apple Watch 2 as well. So make sure that you don’t miss upcoming news and follow WRBLS in their social media channels.