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Our everyday lives are increasingly determined by the technology. One can notice a technical advance in nearly every area; consequently, in the Apple Watch Sports area as well.



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The heart rate can be measured, the route covered by bicycle can be tracked and the amount of burned calories in a workout can be calculated. This is possible thanks to so-called wearable technologies, such as the smartwatch. Market leader in this area is the Apple Watch with a market share of 53 percent (Q1 2016, s. Strategy Analytics). This technical gadget of Apple is brought to perfection in combination with a fashionable band of WRBLS.  

Its ergonomic shape ensures a perfect wearing comfort. Additionally, the bands are water-repellent and UV-light resistant. Therefore, they are the perfect companions for every type of activity. An integrated pin-and-tuck technique enables an easy swap of the apple watch bands, so your watch can be transformed from a stylish sport accessory to a noble fashion-item in an instant. The individual and unique designs of WRBLS ensure that you are perfectly equipped in every situation.