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Our story

The technology company Apple has finally released their first Apple Watch in April 2015. At that time, other providers already released the second or even third version of their smartwatches. However, Apple stated that they wanted to offer the best watch right from the beginning. Therefore, they took the time to developed new technologies and a new operating system. This time seems to be paying off, as the Apple Watch offers many possibilities of usage. One can ask for information, see and answer notifications, administrate appointments, see pictures, monitor data of activity, open apps, play games and more. In addition, the use of iMessage and Siri is possible. Furthermore, other apps can be obtained from the AppStore. Ultimately, the Apple Watch can only be used in connection with an iPhone.



Our passion

But Apple not only laid emphasis on the technology of the watch, but also on its design. Therefore, the watch comes in three different collections: The Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sports and Apple Watch Edition. In order to make the watch fit every wrist, it is offered in the sizes 38mm and 42mm. The dials can be selected individually as well. As the Apple watch bands easily can be swapped, the watch is not only an interesting gadget but also an impressive fashion-item.
The fact that Apple is the market leader in smartwatches confirms that the relatively late release was worth it.

Just in one area Apple seems to fail: The variety of Apple watch bands is quite restricted. This is rather surprising since Apple usually puts great emphasis on customization. However, WRBLS offers the solution for this problem. The tech-label provides water-repellent and UV-light resistant watch bands, ensuring a great wearing comfort due to their ergonomic shape. As they are coming in unique and individual designs, one easily can find a band that fits every occasion.