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The Apple Watch 2 & iPhone 7 Cover: What should we expect?

As you may know, Apple is currently working on the second generation of the Apple Watch. The release date is still unknown but some people speculate that the new version of the Apple Watch will be presented either in fall 2016 or spring 2017.



What will be new about the second generation of the Apple Watch?

According to Bloomberg it will contain a GPS module that makes a more accurate tracking of the user possible. This will benefit many apps such as, for example, the app Runtastic. With the new GPS module, you won’t need your iPhone for GPS-adjustment anymore. The new Apple Watch will not only be more accurate but thanks to a new processor, apps will also run faster. In addition to that, Apple plans to use a barometer that, for instance, provides more accurate information while climbing stairs.  

WLonger battery life

Analysts further expect that the second generation of the Apple Watch will dispose of a longer battery life. Until now the Apple Watch was just protected against splash water. There are rumors out there that the new version will be completely water-resistant. This will among others benefit users who want to monitor their progress during their swim training.  

Working mostly in combination with the iPhone 7

Bloomberg also mentions that the iPhone 7 covers will not include a cellular chip. This would have made the watch independent from the iPhone. Unfortunately, Apple was not able to manage the battery life yet, the second generation of the Apple Watch will, just as its predecessor, be usable in combination with an iPhone. In terms of look the new Apple Watch is supposed to be a bit slimmer than the first one. 

WatchOS3 making the Apple Watch seven times faster7

Just in time for the release of the new Apple Watch, Apple is expected to launch a new operating system. According to the technology company, WatchOS3 is going to make the watch about seven times faster. New clock faces, apps and gadgets will be made available to users.  

WRBLS will also make bands for the second generation of the Apple Watch .So, Apple Watch enthusiasts, no matter whether you get yourself the second version of the Apple Watch or not, you will benefit from its release – faster operating system and new features. And for the ones who plan to get it: Be sure to stay tuned and get your WRBLS for the new generation of the Apple Watch.