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Keynote reveals secrets of the Apple Watch 2

Wednesday night Apple has finally released the second version of the Apple Watch. Thus, the steady speculations came to an end. So on what did Apple set value in the last few months of development?

The official name of the new version of the Apple Watch is “Apple Watch 2 Series”. Like its predecessor, it will be available in a 38mm and 42mm version and this at a price from 419€. According to Apple, the watch can be purchased as of the 16th of September, 2016.

Probably one of the most significant changes is that the second version of the Apple Watch is completely water-resistant, making the watch suitable for swimming. Additionally, a dive up to fifty meters is possible.

Another much discussed topic was the integration of a GPS module. And indeed, the Apple Watch 2 Series will be more independent from the iPhone through an integrated GPS module and a more powerful wireless chip. Services like editing text messages, sending emails and receiving current weather data are possible without a connection to the iPhone. Additionally, in case the watch gets lost, it can be found easily thanks to Apple's new location service "Find my watch”.

Furthermore, a S2 dual core processor ensures that the new version of the watch is up to fifty percent faster than its predecessor. Besides, many apps will benefit from a doubled graphics performance. Also improved is its screen brightness. According to Apple, the Apple Watch 2 Series contains the brightest display the company has ever used, bringing significant benefits for the use in the sun.

In addition, Apple has integrated a few new gadgets. The newly installed app "Breathe", for example, reminds the users to take a deep breath during their stressful everyday life. Also motivation among friends is supported as recent runs can be shared, leaderboards created and virtual fist bumps can be sent.

In general, the design of the Apple Watch 2 Series is very similar to the first version. Apple, however, published two high-end versions of the watch. The Ceramic-Edition will be available from 1,449€ and the Apple Watch Hermes from 1,349€.

New and definitely surprising for the analysts is a collaboration with Nike. The Apple Watch Nike Plus will be available from October 2016 for a price of 419€. It is specifically designed for runners and therefore relies on a lightweight aluminum housing and a perforated band. But again, the selection of bands is rather disappointing. The few simple designs do not give you the chance to stand out from the crowd.

But as the watch bands for the Apple Watch 1 fit its successor as well, you can get your new watch a stylish and unique WRBLS band before you even hold the watch in your hands. Make sure that you turn your Apple Watch into a sophisticated fashion-item which perfectly matches each of your outfits and occasions. Get a WRBLS band and wear your Apple Watch 2 Series with style!

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