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Top 5: Apps for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is made to support its users in various situations. But what is the best smart watch without apps? Check out our top 5 of the apps which are going to be a great enrichment for your Apple Watch and your everyday life.

1. AroundMe

You are hungry and searching for inspiration, looking for the nearest pharmacy or wanting to meet friends in a bar nearby? AroundMe identifies your position and provides you a categorized list of businesses like gas stations, restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets and more. After selecting a destination, the app shows its location on a map and guides you there. Furthermore, you can easily book a hotel room, check the movie schedule of a cinema nearby or get information about what is around you with the help of Wikipedia. The app is available in various languages and can be purchased in the App Store for free.

2. Komoot

You love doing outdoor sports but get tired of your standard routes? You are planning your holidays but don’t know what to do? The app Komoot offers a wide selection of routes for hiking, running and cycling. You can choose between different degrees of difficulties and select the distance and the duration of your trip. See the route on a topographic map and check out the photos of its highlights. The photos, suggestions and reviews are added by other users and can give you further inspiration. While you are on tour, the app provides you information about your speed and the remaining distance to your goal. As you can download your preferred route beforehand, a connection to the internet is not necessary. Don’t miss a great view because you had to take look at your phone – explore the nature while being led by your Apple Watch. At the moment a complete use of the app costs 19,99€. If you only need access to the routes of a certain region, they can be purchased for 3,99€. The tracks of several regions in one area have a prize of 8,99€.

3. Mytaxi

With a number of about 10 million users, it is very possible that you have already heard of this helpful app. Mytaxi enables you to order a taxi in a second. It doesn’t matter if you need the ride now or book it beforehand. See your taxi arrive on a map or wait for the push notification telling you that it is waiting for you at your door. Enter, drive, rate. Definitely one of the biggest advantages of the app is that you don’t have to pay in cash. You can choose a payment method and even add a tip for the taxi driver. The invoice is sent to your email account immediately. Additionally, you can create a list of your favorite taxi drivers and choose one of them the next time you need a ride. No more searching for coins or waiting on the sidewalk, trying to catch a taxi for hours - get mytaxi now for free!

4. Wunderlist

There are a bunch of apps in the market helping you to stay organized. But rarely they work as uncomplicated as Wunderlist. Wunderlist can be used simultaneously for private and business affairs without any problems. Create shopping lists for the barbecue on the weekend or list the things which need to be done for your next business trip. The app allows you to share your lists with your colleagues and family. Thus, you can easily get things done together! The lists can be rearranged various times and are automatically updated on each of your technical devices. Additionally, you can add comments and documents and let the app remind you to finish your tasks at a given moment. Consequently, you will never miss a deadline again. The app can be purchased for a prize of 4,99€ monthly or 49,99€ annually.

5. Citymapper

Our next recommendation is interesting for the ones who live in big cities or often travel to the metropolises of our planet. Citymapper navigates you safely through the big city jungle - no matter what. Just specify your destination and the app immediately shows the route on a map. Furthermore, it gives you various opportunities to reach your goal. Possible means of transportation are to walk, to go by bike, the car, by the bus or the ferry. The app indicates the duration of the route, provides you the schedule of the local transport and even calculates how many calories you are going to burn. Additionally, Citymapper comes up with special events in your surroundings. For now, the app offers its services in 33 cities all over the world. You can get Citymapper in the App Store for free.

So what are you waiting for? Get those apps and take advantage of your Apple Watch. Furthermore, make your watch to a sophisticated fashion item and combine it with one of our unique watch bands. Explore the world and wear your Apple Watch with style!