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Welcome autumn!

We can’t stop the time, although many wish for exactly that at the moment. In the northern hemisphere, summer is coming to an end and the next season is ahead. Coldness, wind and darkness are often the first attributes being mentioned in connection with autumn. But isn’t fall about more than that? Finally, one can snuggle into bed with a good book, watch the rain outside while eating cookies, knit cozy sweaters, carve pumpkins, jump into puddles, drink a hot chocolate while wearing fuzzy socks or admire the golden leafs falling to the ground peacefully. Join our list of things we love about the autumn by using the hashtag #whatIloveaboutautumn and get into mood for this cozy season. Due to its choice of color and pattern, our stylish design “Checker Green” is perfect for the fall and the ideal companion during a relaxing walk through the woods. Besides, the WRBLS band “Felt” gives you a feeling of coziness while wearing your Apple Watch. As functionality is one of our priorities, we used a material looking unique, but being suitable for an energetic workout or a warming shower too. Give the autumn a warm welcome and wear your Apple Watch with style.

FeltChecker Green