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  • Top 5: Apps for the Apple Watch

    The Apple Watch is made to support its users in various situations. But what is the best smart watch without apps? Check out our top 5 of the apps which are going to be a great enrichment for your Apple Watch and your everyday life.

    1. AroundMe

    You are hungry and searching for inspiration, looking for the nearest pharmacy or wanting to meet friends in a bar nearby? AroundMe identifies your position and provides you a categorized list of businesses like gas stations, restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets and more. After selecting a destination, the app shows its location on a map and guides you there. Furthermore, you can easily book a hotel room, check the movie schedule of a cinema nearby or get information about what is around you with the help of Wikipedia. The app is available in various languages and can be purchased in the App Store for free.

    2. Komoot

    You love doing outdoor sports but get tired of your standard routes? You are planning your holidays but don’t know what to do? The app Komoot offers a wide selection of routes for hiking, running and cycling. You can choose between different degrees of difficulties and select the distance and the duration of your trip. See the route on a topographic map and check out the photos of its highlights. The photos, suggestions and reviews are added by other users and can give you further inspiration. While you are on tour, the app provides you information about your speed and the remaining distance to your goal. As you can download your preferred route beforehand, a connection to the internet is not necessary. Don’t miss a great view because you had to take look at your phone – explore the nature while being led by your Apple Watch. At the moment a complete use of the app costs 19,99€. If you only need access to the routes of a certain region, they can be purchased for 3,99€. The tracks of several regions in one area have a prize of 8,99€.

    3. Mytaxi

    With a number of about 10 million users, it is very possible that you have already heard of this helpful app. Mytaxi enables you to order a taxi in a second. It doesn’t matter if you need the ride now or book it beforehand. See your taxi arrive on a map or wait for the push notification telling you that it is waiting for you at your door. Enter, drive, rate. Definitely one of the biggest advantages of the app is that you don’t have to pay in cash. You can choose a payment method and even add a tip for the taxi driver. The invoice is sent to your email account immediately. Additionally, you can create a list of your favorite taxi drivers and choose one of them the next time you need a ride. No more searching for coins or waiting on the sidewalk, trying to catch a taxi for hours - get mytaxi now for free!

    4. Wunderlist

    There are a bunch of apps in the market helping you to stay organized. But rarely they work as uncomplicated as Wunderlist. Wunderlist can be used simultaneously for private and business affairs without any problems. Create shopping lists for the barbecue on the weekend or list the things which need to be done for your next business trip. The app allows you to share your lists with your colleagues and family. Thus, you can easily get things done together! The lists can be rearranged various times and are automatically updated on each of your technical devices. Additionally, you can add comments and documents and let the app remind you to finish your tasks at a given moment. Consequently, you will never miss a deadline again. The app can be purchased for a prize of 4,99€ monthly or 49,99€ annually.

    5. Citymapper

    Our next recommendation is interesting for the ones who live in big cities or often travel to the metropolises of our planet. Citymapper navigates you safely through the big city jungle - no matter what. Just specify your destination and the app immediately shows the route on a map. Furthermore, it gives you various opportunities to reach your goal. Possible means of transportation are to walk, to go by bike, the car, by the bus or the ferry. The app indicates the duration of the route, provides you the schedule of the local transport and even calculates how many calories you are going to burn. Additionally, Citymapper comes up with special events in your surroundings. For now, the app offers its services in 33 cities all over the world. You can get Citymapper in the App Store for free.

    So what are you waiting for? Get those apps and take advantage of your Apple Watch. Furthermore, make your watch to a sophisticated fashion item and combine it with one of our unique watch bands. Explore the world and wear your Apple Watch with style!


  • Welcome autumn!

    We can’t stop the time, although many wish for exactly that at the moment. In the northern hemisphere, summer is coming to an end and the next season is ahead. Coldness, wind and darkness are often the first attributes being mentioned in connection with autumn. But isn’t fall about more than that? Finally, one can snuggle into bed with a good book, watch the rain outside while eating cookies, knit cozy sweaters, carve pumpkins, jump into puddles, drink a hot chocolate while wearing fuzzy socks or admire the golden leafs falling to the ground peacefully. Join our list of things we love about the autumn by using the hashtag #whatIloveaboutautumn and get into mood for this cozy season. Due to its choice of color and pattern, our stylish design “Checker Green” is perfect for the fall and the ideal companion during a relaxing walk through the woods. Besides, the WRBLS band “Felt” gives you a feeling of coziness while wearing your Apple Watch. As functionality is one of our priorities, we used a material looking unique, but being suitable for an energetic workout or a warming shower too. Give the autumn a warm welcome and wear your Apple Watch with style.

    FeltChecker Green

  • Keynote reveals secrets of the Apple Watch 2

    Wednesday night Apple has finally released the second version of the Apple Watch. Thus, the steady speculations came to an end. So on what did Apple set value in the last few months of development?

    The official name of the new version of the Apple Watch is “Apple Watch 2 Series”. Like its predecessor, it will be available in a 38mm and 42mm version and this at a price from 419€. According to Apple, the watch can be purchased as of the 16th of September, 2016.

    Probably one of the most significant changes is that the second version of the Apple Watch is completely water-resistant, making the watch suitable for swimming. Additionally, a dive up to fifty meters is possible.

    Another much discussed topic was the integration of a GPS module. And indeed, the Apple Watch 2 Series will be more independent from the iPhone through an integrated GPS module and a more powerful wireless chip. Services like editing text messages, sending emails and receiving current weather data are possible without a connection to the iPhone. Additionally, in case the watch gets lost, it can be found easily thanks to Apple's new location service "Find my watch”.

    Furthermore, a S2 dual core processor ensures that the new version of the watch is up to fifty percent faster than its predecessor. Besides, many apps will benefit from a doubled graphics performance. Also improved is its screen brightness. According to Apple, the Apple Watch 2 Series contains the brightest display the company has ever used, bringing significant benefits for the use in the sun.

    In addition, Apple has integrated a few new gadgets. The newly installed app "Breathe", for example, reminds the users to take a deep breath during their stressful everyday life. Also motivation among friends is supported as recent runs can be shared, leaderboards created and virtual fist bumps can be sent.

    In general, the design of the Apple Watch 2 Series is very similar to the first version. Apple, however, published two high-end versions of the watch. The Ceramic-Edition will be available from 1,449€ and the Apple Watch Hermes from 1,349€.

    New and definitely surprising for the analysts is a collaboration with Nike. The Apple Watch Nike Plus will be available from October 2016 for a price of 419€. It is specifically designed for runners and therefore relies on a lightweight aluminum housing and a perforated band. But again, the selection of bands is rather disappointing. The few simple designs do not give you the chance to stand out from the crowd.

    But as the watch bands for the Apple Watch 1 fit its successor as well, you can get your new watch a stylish and unique WRBLS band before you even hold the watch in your hands. Make sure that you turn your Apple Watch into a sophisticated fashion-item which perfectly matches each of your outfits and occasions. Get a WRBLS band and wear your Apple Watch 2 Series with style!

    © Apple Inc. © Apple Inc.

  • The Apple Watch 2: What should we expect?

    As you may know, Apple is currently working on the second generation of the Apple Watch. The release date is still unknown but some people speculate that the new generation of the Apple Watch will be presented either in fall 2016 or spring 2017.

    What will be new about the second generation of the Apple Watch?

    According to Bloomberg it will contain a GPS module that makes a more accurate tracking of the user possible. This will benefit many apps such as, for example, the app Runtastic. With the new GPS module, you won't need your iPhone for GPS-adjustment anymore. The Apple Watch 2 will not only be more accurate but thanks to a new processor apps will also run faster. In addition to that, Apple plans to use a barometer that, for instance, provides more accurate information while climbing stairs.

    Longer battery life

    Analysts further expect that the Apple Watch 2 will dispose of a longer battery life. Until now the Apple Watch was just protected against splash water. There are rumors out there that the new generation of the Apple Watch will be completely water-resistant. This will among others benefit users who want to monitor their progress during their swim training.

    Working mostly in combination with the iPhone

    Bloomberg also mention that the Apple Watch 2 will not include a cellular chip. This would have made the watch independent from the iPhone. Unfortunately Apple was not able to manage the battery life yet, the second version of the Apple Watch will, just as its predecessor, be usable in combination with an iPhone. In terms of look the second generation of the Apple Watch is supposed to be a bit slimmer than the first one.

    WatchOS3 making the Apple Watch even times faster

    Just in time for the release of the Apple Watch 2, Apple is expected to launch a new operating system. According to the technology company, WatchOS3 is going to make the watch about seven times faster. New clock faces, apps and gadgets will be made available to users.

    WRBLS will also make bands for the Apple Watch 2

    So, Apple Watch enthusiasts, no matter whether you get yourself the Apple Watch 2 or not, you will benefit from its release - faster operating system and new features. And for the ones who plan to get the Apple Watch 2: Be sure to stay tuned and get your WRBLS for the Apple Watch 2.

    Checker Green

  • Black & White

    Black and White are not colors? We doubt that. Admittedly, those are not the fanciest colors but definitely the most classic ones.

    The timeless designs Niko Black and Scott combine what is considered as contradictory. A contrast of mysterious depth and bright purity.

    For all those who refuse to compromise. Who do not accept workarounds. Whose only answers are a Yes or No. Get your WRBLS bands for the Apple Watch now and wear it with style.


  • It's an... online shop!

    It was a long journey from developing the idea to come up with the design of the most fashionable watch band collection for the Apple Watch, heated discussions, the successful funding on Kickstarter, the thrilling progression of the production up to the possibility for Apple Watch fans to preorder WRBLS bands on our website. Now we’ve reached another milestone in the development of the young fashion-tech label WRBLS. From this moment on, you can easily order the most fashionable bands for your Apple Watch in our very own online shop!

    But that is not all. Many exciting news are about to be released. So make sure to stay tuned and follow us on our social media platforms and never miss any upcoming news. By the way: Show us how you wear your Apple Watch with style by using the hashtag #WRBLS. Reveal that you are one of the first to receive a WRBLS band for the Apple Watch and upload a photo of you opening your very first WRBLS package. Be creative and with a bit of luck you get the chance to be featured in one of our next blog entries.

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